VIE Supervision

The French Business Council offers a complete solution to companies wishing to employ a V.I.E.


Individual offices, 12m2, or open space.

Fully furnished, includes a dedicated phone line and broadband Internet connection, a fully equipped meeting room, a shared receptionist, and office maintenance services.


  • Customised V.I.E. support

Meeting to introduce the legal environment of the business sector that the company is involved with.

Regular meetings with the V.I.E. to support him throughout his assignment.

  • Development of the V.I.E. Network

Instant access to a network of more than 300 French companies and local members of the FBC.

Discounted rates for any activity proposed by the FBC or networking event.

  • Access to training center

The FBC gives V.I.E.s access to the portfolio of training courses delivered by the FBC Academy, at discounted rates.


V.I.E coaching option

  • Personalized Training on cultural awareness to facilitate his personal and professional integration in the Emirates.
  • Mentoring on methodology and weekly review of V.I.E.’s assignment progress.
  • Monthly report and conference call with the parent company.

Visa Package

A residence visa is mandatory to live and work in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Administrative tasks related to visa procurement, management and cancellation.
  • Visa and sponsorship (It is a UAE legal requirement that any employee working in the UAE holds an employment visa sponsored by a local structure).
  • Authorization letter from the sponsor to open a bank account, rent an apartment and transfer a driving license.

Customized rate (quote provided after review of the specifications).



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