Advice on business start-up

The French Business Council shares with you its expertise and contacts’ network via:

  • A meeting prepared according to the needs highlighted in your specifications.
  • An individual interview focused on your project, and conducted in the FBC premises.
  • Advice on start-up methods, depending on your strategy, and introductions to FBC members and partners.

During the consultancy meeting, we provide:

-       An overview of the different types of start-ups in the UAE
-       Information sheets on free zones, including their services and fees
-       The list of partners specialized in start-up support, and members of the FBC (lawyers specialized in start-ups, etc.)
-       The FBC directory gathering the contact details of more than 650 FBC members.

*      Benefits

  • Multi-sectorial FBC experience and understanding of the local marke
  • Legal and HR advice, current information on free zones.
  • Access to the extensive network of the FBC members and partners.
  • Continuity of the relationship with the FBC post-meeting, with complementary information and introductions to contacts.

HR Option



The FBC HR Department can also provide assistance as you start-up in Dubai and the Northern Arab Emirates, bringing you answers regarding labor law (contacts, visas….) and employment (packages, recruitment, ...). During this meeting, we will give you:




  • A concise overview of labor law in the UAE,
  • Contact details of HR partners (relocation or recruiters), depending on your needs.


2 options: ‘Advise on business start-up’ meeting or ‘Advise on business start-up’ meeting + HR Option



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