Business-Prospecting project

The French Business Council can provide a senior project leader, who will investigate the UAE market and qualify potential prospects on your behalf.

Focused analysis of the targeted market:

-       Business environment in the UAE,
-       Analysis of the business sector related to the client’s assignment,
-       Benchmarking of the competition,
-       Rules regarding start-ups and recommendations.

Seeking partners (agents / distributors / importers / customers)

-       Identifying partners meeting the specifications submitted by the client,
-       Detailed information sheets on the companies with whom meetings have been arranged.

Arranging a customized program of business meetings in the UAE

-       Over a minimum period of 2 days,
-       Possibility to extend the assignment to include Qatar.



  • Experience in business-prospecting projects, in multiple sectors
  • A dedicated mission leader who has a track record in sales and business development
  • Access to the extensive web of members and partners of the French Business Council.
  • Organization of a series of meetings with qualified prospects.
  • Verification that the meeting is of interest to both the prospect and the company.
  • Ensuring that meeting attendance is confirmed
  • Organization of the logistical aspects of the assignment: car hire, advice on business meetings in the UAE.


Customized rate (quote provided after review of the specifications).




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