Commercial follow-up

The French Business Council can provide a senior mission leader in charge of maintaining a relationship with contacts made in the Emirates

Project Management

-       On-the-ground project coordination: project tracking and client reminders
-       Coordination with France
-       On-the- ground audit and benchmarking,
-       Selection of local sub-contractors and suppliers


-       Local phone number to be reached by the client,
-       Secretarial services: arranging meetings, agendas, organizing business trips


-       Monthly report providing the information collected by the FBC, and updated information sheets on contacted partners, with follow-up information for each contact.


Postal address

-    Use of the FBC’s local address and phone numbers.


  • Flexibility

Commitment for a duration of 2 months, with possibility of extension depending on needs.

Several fixed-fee options depending on the volume of work required.

Access to the extensive network of members and partners of the French Business Council.

  • On-the-ground representative to liaise with your local prospects and clients
  • Capitalize on the FBC notoriety and network of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Dedicated personnel with experience in sales and business development.

Customized rate (quote provided after review of the specifications).


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