The Healthcare Committee is a collaborative platform with the following objectives:

  • to exchange information, good practices and share knowledge on health issues

  • to develop cooperation between corporate members, as well as with local authorities and companies

  • to promote the expertise of its members in the health industry,

  • to encourage business opportunities for members

  • to contribute to the development of the FBC in the healthcare industry

It is an opportunity for its members to meet regularly through various forums organized during the year (meetings, conferences, round tables, visits, expert meetings)

The participants in the committee are:

  • FBC corporate members involved in healthcare sector (pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, medical equipment, etc.), in the provision of care (practitioners, clinics, hospitals), as well as in health-related services (distribution, insurance, consulting , recruitment…)

  • local actors involved in health (DHA, DSP, ...)

President: Céline Lion-Bachèlerie, Eiger International

Member of the FBC  Team in charge of the Committee : Miléna Chemin

Member Founder: Véronique Talma

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