Middle East Diversity & Inclusiveness Think Tank

The  French  Business  Council  supports the  first  Middle  East Diversity  &  Inclusiveness  Think  Tank. This  platform brings  together  the  HR  community,  D&I experts  and  CSR  specialists  from  more than 25 multinationals  and  4  industries who  are  passionate  about  D&I . The forum gives them the opportunity to gather together to brainstorm ideas and learn from each other’s experience.

In order to stimulate collaboration and learning, and to quickly gather momentum on our regional diversity & inclusiveness journey, the Middle East Diversity & Inclusiveness Think Tank will deliver a series of 4 events this year, offering opportunities for multidimensional exchanges and collaboration among members. The ultimate goal of the exchange events will be to strengthen the relationships between participants and to develop new ways of collaborating to foster and boost regional progress. 

A kick off session took place in June 2016, during which specific expectations were identified and the 4 events were scheduled for this year.

We are extending the invitation to the next Think Tank event to all professionals with an interest in the rising issue of Diversity & Inclusion across the Middle East. 

Kindly contact audrey.teppe@fbcdubai.com, if you are interested in becoming a member of the Middle East Diversity & Inclusiveness Think Tank.

vue detailNovember 2016

  • Study case: How to manage and work with Millennial?
  • Workshop: to be define

September 2016

  • Study case: Why D&I and Why Now? What were the challenges they faced? How they were addressed? Challenges and opportunities from an employee perspective.
  • Workshop: Importance of Trust/Connection for D&I

vue detailJune 2016

  • Kick-off meeting

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