Ajman Free Zone kick-starts its latest product ‘Business Centre’

Last July Ajman Free Zone launched its newest product ‘The Business Centre’, a kick-starter pack for those looking to open up companies within the country.

The plan aims to contribute towards aiding entrepreneurs in establishing their companies and increase the rate at which companies start up in the city. It intends to do so by offering prices that are noticeably challenging to come across anywhere else.

‘The Business Centre’ is ultimately AFZ’s most recent blueprint for a new company, proposing entrepreneurs across the land just AED 11,900 for the key to their companies, making Ajman Free Zone the first organization to ever offer a start-up kit with this price-tag attached.
SMEs within the UAE enjoy a variety of services whilst dealing with AFZ, as the organization’s main selling point continues to favor its clients through unbeatable advantages, making it a favorite amongst eastern and western markets looking to plant their roots in the soils of the UAE, but facing the difficulties of prohibiting entry costs.
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