CV Workshop with Emeline ROISSETTER – Certified Career Coach

15 janvier 2018


Your CV is your one chance to give a powerful first impression, stand out from the crowd and secure interviews. It is a crucial document with the power to sell your skills and professional background on your behalf.

Get started and enroll today in our CV workshop to get a CV giving a powerful first impression!

-    You have clear professional goals (Field / Function / Industry)
-    Your English CV is up-to-date
Is this workshop for you?
•    Does your CV reflect your true professional identity?
•    Are you confident your CV includes all the key words for the job you target?
•    Does your CV include all the information required by HR/Recruiters in the UAE?
•    Are you confident your CV format and design will help you stand out from the crowd?
•    Do you know the difference between a chronological CV and a competency-based CV?
•    Does your CV describe your achievements using quantitative facts?
•    Are you frequently contacted by recruiters after sending your CV?
You comply with pre-requisites and answered "NO" to 2 or more questions? Then this workshop is for you!

Emeline is a native french speaker but will deliver the workshop in English.
You will be required to send your CV to Emeline prior to the workshop.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:


  • Understand how recruiters look for talent
  • Build a professional identity
  • Realize the power of a strong professional network
  • Identify key players and start impactful conversations
  • List and use efficiently all the available tools & platforms
  • Draft and implement a daily job search strategy plan.

After the workshop, Emeline will approve the job search strategy plan you drafted.

Registration is opened : 
•   Early Bird rate until Thursday, January 11th, 11am : AED 315 (including TVA 5%) per workshop
•   Normal rate : AED 420 AED (including TVA 5%) per workshop

Important information:
- Payment will be requested ahead of the workshop (Cash / Cheque / Paypal USD / Bank Transfer) 
- Places are limited to 10 attendees max to ensure fruitful discussions.
- Please arrive at the French Business Council reception at 1.15 pm 
- Workshop will start at 1.30 pm sharp until 3.30 pm
- Location : French Business Council (Paid parking available on the street).

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