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Evaluez votre potentiel et trouvez les meilleurs partenaires dans les Emirats

Pour le développement de vos affaires aux Emirats, le FBC met à votre disposition un chef de mission, avec un profil senior et multisectoriel, pour faciliter votre implantation et la mise en place de vos projets.

  • un pré-diagnostic de votre projet aux Emirats Arabes Unis.

Conseil à l'implantation

  • Prospectez le marché des Emirats Arabes Unis

Mission de prospection

  • Exploitez le potentiel découvert lors de vos démarches de prospection et profitez de notre proximité

Suivi commercial


  • Démontrez la viabilité de votre projet sur le marché des Emirats

Elaboration de Business Plan Financier



Conseils pour réussir vos affaires dans les pays du Golfe

Marché local, pratiques culturelles, habitudes dans les affaires, voici quelques conseils utiles pour réussir le développement ou l'implantation de votre activité dans les pays du Golfe.

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Testimony : Michel Mateu, CEO Groupe Hexis

“The Hexis group had been interested in the Middle East area for a few years, and we had even forged a bond with a local distributor in the Emirates. Unfortunately, this partnership was not fruitful and so we deemed necessary to reconsider our strategy to approach this market (very competitive in our sector). This is why, at the beginning of the year, I asked the French Business Council to help us study and explore the market. The FBC asked me to explain my needs and the profile wanted for a partner more precisely, via a brief that was then used as the basis for the work of the Business Development Executive who was to work on our case. The FBC team showed a real autonomy for the preparation of the mission, especially in selecting the companies to be targeted.

I also want to highlight the great availability and the high quality of the support provided by the FBC during our intense 3-day mission filled with BtoB meetings.

Thanks to this mission carried out in March, the Hexis group registered its first orders via a new partner in May! »


Settled in Frontignan, Hérault (France), HEXIS is the only French manufacturer of adhesive films for visual communication. www.hexis.fr

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