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We are proud to share with you the launch of the Blooming Lab, a marketing consultancy headquartered in Dubai and operating in France and the Middle East.

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We are marketing experts defining compelling strategies that unlock brand’s potential.

We are passionate about helping our clients reveal their uniqueness in standing out in an engaging, clear and consistent way. We focus on brand story, product mix and 360-degree customer experience in order to drive growth to the next level.

We operate in two different ways: either by providing strategic recommendations or by coaching marketing teams to elevate their skills and empower them.

Complexity of the Middle East markets

Founder of The Blooming Lab, I have been working in the region since 2014 after 10 years in Europe, collaborating with worldwide leaders of the Beauty and Luxury industry such as LVMH or Kering. While discovering the specificities of the region and especially its multicultural feature, what stroke me the most was that, despite its reputation of gathering customers with a super high purchasing power, sensitivity to prices was essential, and maybe even stronger than in Europe. There are of course complex decision processes behind this, but what is almost certain is that it is not likely to change in the near future especially with the implementation of the VAT.

Crowded markets

What does it trigger from a brand perspective? 

To be part of the game, their strategies are above all PRICE & PROMOTIONS driven. This leads to the following facts:

- Firstly, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to keep on developing their turnover and margin on the long run.

- Secondly, there are no other differentiation between brands than the price. It means that even though one product can bring more added value than another, or have specific features, the customer doesn’t know it, simply because he is not being told!

Step up your business

In that context, how can a brand step up its business?

The key thing to keep in mind is that all brands are unique! Whether it stems from the vision of its founder, or a specific know-how, or specific products features… all brands have something special to put at the forefront! We are there to bring them to the next level, starting by unveiling their uniqueness and ensuring it is communicated to the customers on every touch point in a compelling and consistent way: social media, PR, merchandising, sales tools, trade…

This is how a brand will grow, engage with its customers through compelling experiences, and leverage synergies between its offline and online channels. This is the starting point to build a genuine connection with customers, loyalize them on the long run and keep expanding one’s business!

We will be there to make this happen!

Should you wish to know more about our services or assess the performance of your brand, visit our website or get in touch

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