2020-21RS22 - Marketing Manager

Our client, a French agro-food group, specialized in the development, in the manufacture and marketing of infant milk and other milk-based nutritional solutions, is looking for its new Marketing Manager, he/she will be based in Dubai.

ME& Africa Local Duties:

-Development and implementation of the marketing strategies in the local markets
-Running the Medico-Marketing training to Distributors team will be dedicated to our client portfolio
-Create launch campaign materials and communicate them to distributors
-Collaboration with local partners to ensure implementation of marketing strategy
-Managing and evaluating promotional programs and activities to achieve the agreed target
-Co-ordinating new product launch activities
-Create the target Display planogram and communicate it to every distributor at each country
-Conducting routine field visits with distributors sales force for better understanding the local market drivers and dynamics, accordingly can tailor the marketing campaigns, also can define future opportunities like new SKUs or new message to be communicated through marketing campaign or new innovation in Vitalae formulation,….
-Participating actively in future portfolio activities
-Development and implementation of annual regional marketing plan and activities
-Being the back bone support for distributors teams whenever they have any Medico-Marketing inquiries or any questions received from HCPs or local authorities which would need medical rational or medical explanation
-Define and be responsible for the annual marketing investment plan

Global Duties: These tasks will be for a period of 1-2 years only (as a recruitment of a Mkg person in France is already planned)

-Collaborate and regular communication with R& D team in France, French Brand Advocate Doctors, Nutrition agency, plant management team,
-Propose and get all stake holders agreement on any new added content along with the rational of this addition
-Create the brand positioning at different countries based on the formula available at different countries-Develop the launch campaign soft copies
-Develop future marketing campaign to be used by distributors teams
-Infant Formula project management

-Arrange and manage speakers’ tours in ME& Africa region as well as Asia or any other regions where Vitalae will be launched in the future

Required Criteria

-Marketing Experience more than 3 years& total Commercial experience more than 8 years
-Medical background; Pharmacist, Physician, Dentist, Dietician, Vet. Doctor,…
-Experience in Infant Formula
-ME regional experience
-French and English languages are must, Arabic is a plus
-Have the experience of launching new products

Interested candidates, please apply online. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.



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