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Blue Hydrogen, a silver lining for hard to decarbonize industries?

Over the recent past, the World’s interest in hydrogen has gone up significantly. The trend has even accelerated on the back of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and the increasing number  of  countries  pledging  to  invest  massively  in  hydrogen  to  reset  and  boost  their economies post Covid-19. 

In this context, the $150 billion hydrogen market is expected to quadruple in just 30 years. Interestingly enough, hydrogen will play an increasingly pivotal role in power generation, heating & cooling but will also help decarbonize heavy industries such as Steel, Cement and Transport through clean mobility solutions. According to the World Steel Association, the production of steel alone is responsible of 6% to 9% of carbon dioxide emissions in a given year. Another hard to decarbonize sector is transport. It is responsible for 15% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, with passenger vehicles and road transport accounting for 60% of those emissions, while maritime and air transport making up the balance (IEA source). 




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