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Mena Legal | Tourists now have the possibility to work from Dubai

Change your working environment from home office (e.g. Germany or Switzerland) to the golden beaches of Dubai!

Dubai's new virtual work program enables those who work from home anyway to move their home office to the Emirate of Dubai. 

The one-year distance work visa was developed in response to the shift from office to home work in Covid-19 and invites tourists to move their work from their home office's to Dubai's golden beaches, towering skyscrapers and thriving business center.

The work visa is valid for one year, meaning that tourists can live and work in Dubai for up to 12 months. Everyone, including those traveling with their families, will have access to all necessary services, including rental housing, telecommunication services, education, etc.

The visa costs approximately USD 287 (AED 1,054) plus UAE health insurance and other insignificant processing fees per person. 

Those wishing to apply for a distance work visa in Dubai must have a passport valid for at least six month and be able to present proof of employment from their current employer with a contract term of one year. Applicants must also earn a minimum net salary of USD 5,000 (AED 18,365) per months and entrepreneurs/ self-employed persons must be able to prove an average monthly income of at least  USD 5,000 (AED 18,365).

The introduction of virtual work program is an attractive alternative for tourists seeking a change in scenery. However, one should also consider all the relevant effects that such a change of location can have. Possible tax implications and higher cost of living should be weighed against the relatively short duration of stay of one year. 

MENA LEGAL will be happy to assist you in applying for this visa and advising on the tax implications.

Feel free to contact us for support and consultation by mail info(@)

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