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Looking Back | Conference "Boost your career with mentoring, coaching and sponsoring"

On Wednesday, 21st November, our outstanding speakers explained how coaching, mentoring and sponsoring helped them to develop their careers and their leadership. They also shared how it is grateful to be a mentor.


A few takeaways:

  • "The key for a good mentorship program is to spend time to match mentors and mentees and to have clear objectives as a mentee"
  • "In different phases of your life, you need different means of development"
  • "Values are keys: curiosity, lifelong learner, agility, authenticity, team player"
  • "Lead with integrity"
  • "Mentors can be your peers, Mentors can be your mums"
  • "Provide the path for a person to be successful"
  • "Surround yourself with people clever than you and people who rely on you"
  • "Dare to ask someone to be your mentor"
  • "As a coach, I'm a mirror the cleanest because you have the answers inside you" 


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