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Looking Back | L.E. Club - Self-Disruptive Leadership - with Korn Ferry

"64% of investors in EMEA believe traditional legacy leadership stock is not fit for the future".

Henriane Mourghe d’Algue, Jonathan Holmes, George Karam, Mamta Dhawan, et Farhannah Razah from Korn Ferry shared their expertise on the new concept of self-disruptive leadership to CEOS of LE Club by FBC.

They explained how this new model of future-ready leadership would drive organizations to adapt, collaborate and excel in disruptive times.

A Korn ferry study across 150.000 business leaders globally reveals that those who perform the best are Self-Disruptive AND Master 5 future-ready skills

  • A-NTICIPATE : Make quick judgments & Provide clear direction
  • D-RIVE : Energize people & Give purpose
  • A-CCELERATE : Implement Ideas & use quick prototyping
  • P-ARTNER : Connect across the organization & Enable exchange of ideas
  • T-RUST Integrate diverse values & center on individuals

Only 15% of business leaders globally are self-disruptive leaders. Leaving 85% who urgently need to develop future-ready skills.

Businesses can’t wait for leaders to be ready. 85% of business leaders need to upskill and self-disrupt to succeed.

Watch the video to know more: https://vimeo.com/325272936

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