Ahmed HASHEM BAHROZYANCEO, Public Transport Agency - Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

Ahmed Bahrozyan is the Chief Executive Officer of The Public Transport Agency, which is responsible for offering the needs of public transport in the city (Public buses, Taxies, School Buses, Lemozine, Labor Transport Buses…)

Bahrozyan holds an undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) from the University of Colorado, USA, 1991.

In December 2017, Ahmed Bahrozyan was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Public Transport Agency.

In 2008, Ahmed Bahrozyan was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Licensing Agency where he mainly focused on building a strong team, simplification of the services, improvement of processes and services.

Ahmed Bahrozyan joined the RTA in December 2005, one month after the organization was established, as Deputy Director of the Information Technology Department. He progressed to become the Director of the IT Department and then moved on to hold the position of Director of the Development and Corporate Performance Department where he was responsible for working with all RTA agencies. 

Prior to joining RTA, Ahmed Bahrozyan was the Manager of e-Government Services at Dubai Municipality, where he oversaw the development of hundreds of online services that were focused on improving services.

Bahrozyan is RTA’s board member since 2008. 

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RTA et le FBC ont le plaisir d’organiser la deuxième édition du Sommet UAE-France sur le future de la mobilité et de l’innovation.

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