Astrid ESTEVEArea VP Gulf Countries, Near East and Pakistan - LEGRAND

She joined Legrand Group France in 1992, as Product Marketing Manager, later on and capitalizing on her experience in project management, Astride was appointed as Head of Engineering Department, which was an opportunity to gain a systemic approach to product development.

In 2011, she took over the responsibility of Legrand Group Training Front Office. Three years later in 2014 she was appointed as VP for a Strategic Business Unit, in charge of marketing, development and supply of Installation Components.

In 2018, Astride aimed to step up with her experience to an international level, where  she obtained the position of Legrand General Manager for Gulf countries based in Dubai, UAE.  A year later and following a short story of success she was appointed as Area VP for Gulf Countries, Near East & Pakistan.

During her career in France, She also led the French & Corporate elle@legrand network for 4 years and currently she oversees the local elle@legrand network, with a purpose to promote gender diversity, diversity & inclusion.

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